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Our Products

We are a tiny company working from our home studio in Bristol.  Our tininess is our strength when it comes to transparency and commitment to ethical slow fashion.

We make and print our t-shirts and bread bags to order.  This means no resources are wasted.  We can react with agility, for example, if a particular print proves to be not as popular as others, we don't have boxes and boxes of items that need to be sold cheaply or binned.  Because of this, we can afford to invest in the highest quality fabrics and inks and offer reasonably priced hand made items.

Making to order also means that we can offer a wider range of sizes, UK size 6 - UK size 26 and also in petite, regular and tall.  Again this is because we can react to our actual customer orders rather than anticipating what it may be in advance (which is always wasteful).

We are obsessed with fabric and have spent a long time researching to ensure that we are sourcing fabric from a reputable company.  We have chosen to work with another small company based in Wales who deals direct with the growers and weavers in India.  They encourage the workers to be in a cooperative and they insist on fair trade practices and transparency.  All the cotton and linen is grown organically in order to provide a better standard of life for the growers and their families, as well as producing a superior quality fabric.  They are not GOTS certified as they prefer to invest the money into the cooperative rather than spending it on expensive bureaucracy, but we trust their motives and transparency.  We use their 100% organic cotton jersey for our t-shirts and their 100% organic flax linen (bleached and unbleached) for our bread bags.

We use water based inks in our home studio in Bristol, which are free from harmful chemicals and which wash into the fabric with time.  They are long lasting and can be ironed.

We have also put a lot of thought into our finishing and packaging.  Our labels are made from organic cotton and are printed with water based inks.  Our care label postcards are made from recycled coffee cup card and printed locally here in Bristol.  We send out the packaging wrapped in brown paper and sealed using non plastic tape.  

And last but not least, we are obsessed with design.  Our designs are inspired by our fascination with the analogue in this digital world, reflected also in our production methods.  So, we favour type writer fonts and hand lettering along with hand drawn designs.  Our slogans and quotes are well thought out and we usually explain our thinking behind them in more detail on Instagram which leads to some lovely discussions!

We hand make and hand print to order so it should take 1-3 weeks from you placing your order to receiving it.  Please contact us if you have any time constraints.